Thursday, July 30, 2009

Microsoft, Yahoo in 10-year Web search partnership

Wed Jul 29, 6:02 pm ET

Microsoft Corp and Yahoo Inc have launched a 10-year Web search deal to challenge market leader Google but stopped short of combining other advertising businesses or suggesting any deeper ties.

The long-expected deal means Microsoft's new Bing search engine will be combined with Yahoo's experience attracting advertisers in the first serious threat to Google Inc -- if the companies get regulatory approval and can make the partnership work.

Yahoo shares fell 12 percent as some investors were disappointed by the limited scope of the deal, which did not include up-front payments for Yahoo. Some investors had expected up to $3 billion up-front, according to a Bernstein report.

"I would have preferred more money," said Ryan Jacob, chief investment officer of Jacob Asset Management, pointing to the lack of an upfront payment, as well as revenue-sharing and cost-savings terms that were not as high as he expected.

"There are risks on both sides. Big deals like this tend not to work out. It's a long-term deal that's going to take a long time to implement," said Jacob, whose $40 million fund holds some Yahoo shares. "It's better than no deal."

Microsoft shares closed up 1.4 percent, while Google shares fell 0.8 percent.

Yahoo estimated the deal would boost its annual operating income by about $500 million and yield capital expenditure savings of $200 million. Yahoo also expects the deal to boost annual operating cash flow by about $275 million.


Under the deal announced on Wednesday, Microsoft's Bing search engine will power search queries on Yahoo's sites. Yahoo's sales force will be responsible for selling premium search ads to big buyers for both companies.

The partnership poses only a theoretical challenge to Google at present. It could take two-and-a-half years to get approval and be fully implemented, according to Yahoo Chief Executive Carol Bartz, which would mean the partnership would not be fully effective until early 2012.

Microsoft and Yahoo still face antitrust and privacy issues. Google dropped a planned search partnership with Yahoo last year under pressure from the U.S. Justice Department.

But experts said the deal would likely get the go-ahead after examination by Obama administration antitrust officials since it would create a stronger rival to market leader Google.

Google said only that it was "interested" in the deal, while the chairman of the U.S. Senate antitrust panel said it warrants "careful scrutiny."

Microsoft and Yahoo expected the deal to be "closely reviewed" by regulators, but they were "hopeful" it could close in early 2010.

The deal concludes a lengthy, and at times contentious, dance between the two companies. They have been in on-again, off-again talks since Yahoo rebuffed Microsoft's $47.5 billion takeover bid last year.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer clashed last year with former Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, who was strongly opposed to an all-out acquisition. Relations between the two companies improved under new Yahoo CEO Bartz, who took the reins in January and started to shake up Yahoo's management.

Ballmer and Bartz met "three or four times" over the past six months as they hammered out a deal, according to Ballmer.


While Bartz had previously said any deal would require a partner with "boatloads of money," she said on Wednesday the agreement provided "boatloads of value," adding the revenue- share agreement in the Microsoft deal was more valuable to Yahoo than a one-time payment.

"Having a big up-front cash payment doesn't really help us from an operating standpoint," Bartz said.

Microsoft's AdCenter technology will serve the standard sponsored links that appear alongside search results. Microsoft will pay Yahoo an initial rate of 88 percent of search revenue generated on Yahoo sites in the first five years.

That means Yahoo can concentrate on selling ads on its websites, while still generating revenue from search ads without the expense of maintaining its own search engine.

Bartz said the deal will result in "redundancies" in Yahoo's staff, although she declined to be specific. She stressed any changes would not occur until after full implementation of the partnership.

According to comScore, Google has a 65 percent share of the U.S. search market, compared with Yahoo's 19.6 percent and Microsoft's 8.4 percent.

"Microsoft will be able to report a greater share in terms of search ... And Yahoo doesn't have to spend any more money on search," said Barry Diller, CEO of IAC/InterActiveCorp, which owns rival search engine


World's first 256 GB USB Flash drive From Kingston

Hey, Want to carry more than 100 movies OR 45000 music OR 250000 images in a pocket? Then here is the solution.

After boasting over the 128GB Data Traveler 200 Flash Drive marvel, Kingston has now announced whopping 256GB DataTraveler 300 USB Flash Drive. This high capacity USB flash drive comes with new Password Traveler software that allows creating and access password protected area on the drive called 'Privacy Zone'. At this moment, Kingston Europe is selling Kingston DataTraveler 300 256GB flash drive at an astonishing price of 657 Euros (Rs. 45, 100) which is more than even 256GB SSDs.

Likely to be a proud possession of select few, the new 256GB DataTraveler 300 has the usual retractable pin interface. This 256GB Flash drive allows storing data of up to 10 Blu-ray Discs or 54 single layer DVDs or 365 CDs. Kingston claims that this USB drive offers read speed of 20MB/sec and write speed of 10MB/sec without any stutter in data access.

For Windows Vista and Windows 7 based systems, DT 300 is already ReadyBoost enable and thus will allow Vista users to use this flash drive as memory. Ideal for netbook users who are looking for extended, portable storage which can be easily carried in pocket. However, it's a fact that this pocket toy will literally burn a hole in the pocket.

For More information about this product Click Here


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Windows 7 Passed Test!

Microsoft’s newest version of its operating system,Windows 7, is finally in the release-to-manufacturing (RTM) stage, so the OS will soon be preloaded on new computers. Though not officially released yet, Windows 7 is expected to be a hit. For instance, after just eight hours on Amazon UK, Windows 7 pre-orders outpaced the total number of pre-orders for Vista over a period of 17 weeks.

According to Microsoft, Windows 7, which offers seven different versions of the OS, has undergone significant testing, quality assurance and validation required to get to the RTM stage. Independent software and hardware vendors will be able to download Windows 7 RTM as early as August 6th. Microsoft will be rolling out Windows 7 to other partners in mid to late August. Enterprise customers and developers will be able to download Windows 7 RTM in English starting on August 7, with additional language functionality for Windows 7 released shortly after.

For the plebes/consumers, Windows 7 will be in retail stores and shipping on new PCs starting October 22nd, which we already knew. After receiving an overwhelming response from beta testers, Microsoft is also offering a “family pack” for Windows 7 that will allow installation on up to 3 PCs. The company has also officially released the new version of Expression 3,the set of tools Microsoft offers for developers to build applications off of Silverlight.

Of course, the official RTM release of Windows 7 comes at a time when Microsoft’s stranglehold of the operating system is being challenged by the recent announcement ofGoogle’s Chrome OS. Google is scheduled to release the open source code for Chrome OS later this year, which perhaps could conveniently fall around the October launch of Windows 7. The first Chrome OS computers won’t launch until next year. While Google says the Chrome OS is targeted towards netbooks at the moment, there is definite potential for Google’s OS to expand to the other types of computers, giving Microsoft something to mull over.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Three Indian IT Companies among Top 20

Forbes has a list of the 2000 largest public companies, Here I list Top 20 among them. 3 Companies out of top 20 are from India. Those are TCS, Infosys & Wipro

Top 20 Companies List : Year 2009

  1. IBM, New York
  2. Microsoft, Washington
  3. Oracle, California
  4. Google, California
  5. Softbank, Japan
  6. SAP, Germany
  7. Accenture, Bermuda
  8. Computer Sciences Corporation, Virginia
  9. Yahoo, California
  10. Capgemini, France
  11. Computer Associates, New York
  12. Tata Consultancy Services, India
  13. Infosys Technologies, India
  14. Fiserv, Wisconson
  15. Wipro, India
  16. Symantec, California
  17. Adobe Systems, California
  18. Affiliated Computer Services, Texas
  19. Activision Blizzard, California (non-Valley)
  20. Intuit, California

Notably, 7 are based in California (all but one in the Bay Area). On the one hand, it certainly is far and away ahead of any other location (Bangalore, interestingly, being its closest competitor); on the other it shows a wider distribution of companies than one might assume.

Year 2007 Numbers : (The number of companies in Silicon Valley remained the same.)

1. IBM, New York
2. Microsoft, Washington
3. Oracle, California
4. Google, California
5. SAP, Germany
6. First Data, Colorado
7. Electronic Data Systems, Texas
8. Softbank, Japan
9. Yahoo, California
10. Symantec, California
11. Computer Sciences Corporation, Virginia
12. Capgemini, France
13. Tata Consultancy Services, India
14. Fiserv, Wisconson
15. Adobe Systems, California
16. Infosys Technologies, India
17. Computer Associates, New York
18. Wipro, India
19. Affiliated Computer Services, Texas
20. VeriSign, California
  1. IBM, New York
  2. Microsoft, Washington
  3. Oracle, California
  4. Google, California
  5. SAP, Germany
  6. First Data, Colorado
  7. Electronic Data Systems, Texas
  8. Softbank, Japan
  9. Yahoo, California
  10. Symantec, California
  11. Computer Sciences Corporation, Virginia
  12. Capgemini, France
  13. Tata Consultancy Services, India
  14. Fiserv, Wisconson
  15. Adobe Systems, California
  16. Infosys Technologies, India
  17. Computer Associates, New York
  18. Wipro, India
  19. Affiliated Computer Services, Texas
  20. VeriSign, California

Friday, July 17, 2009

All Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) Releases

Hi all,
I started learning computer programming fundamentals using Microsoft Windows Operating System. Like me , may be a large number of people belong to this category. I'm a Windows OS fan because of it's many good features. The Contents below includes all Microsoft Windows OS releases with its release dates.

Latest Version to come:

Windows 7, For release on October 22, 2009

Future Releases:

Windows Server 2008 R2, slated to be Windows Server 2008's successor
Windows 8, Currently being created, the successsor to windows 7. Release date unkown

Early Releases:

1985 November 20 - Windows 1.01
1986 May - Windows 1.02
1986 August - Windows 1.03
1987 April - Windows 1.04
1987 December 9 - Windows 2.03
1988 May 27 - Windows 2.10
1989 March 13 - Windows 2.11
1990 May 22 - Windows 3.0
1992 August - Windows 3.1
1992 October - Windows for Workgroups 3.1
1993 August - Windows NT 3.1
1993 October - Windows 3.2 This Version of Windows was only released in simplified Chinese.
1993 November - Windows for Workgroups 3.11
1994 September - Windows NT 3.5

Windows 95

1995 June - Windows NT 3.51 (Version number: NT 3.51.1057)
1995 August 24 - Windows 95 (Version number: 4.00.950)
1995 December 31 - Windows 95 SP1 (Version number: 4.00.950A)
1996 August 24 - Windows 95 OSR2 (Version number: 4.00.1111 (also listed as 4.0.950B))
1997 August 27 - Windows 95 OSR2.1 (Version number: 4.00.1212 (also listed as 4.0.950B))
1997 August 27 - Windows 95 OSR2.5 (Version number: 4.00.1214 (also listed as 4.0.950C))

1996 July 29 - Windows NT 4.0 - the last version which ran on RISC architectures like DEC Alpha, MIPS and PowerPC. Later versions concentrated on x86-based hardware and - mainly as server OSs - the IA-64 line of CPUs. (Version number: NT 4.0.1381)

Windows 98

1998 June 25 - Windows 98 (Version number: 4.10.1998 (Security Version 4.10.1998A))
1999 May 5 - Windows 98 Second Edition (Version number: 4.10.2222 or 4.10.2222A (Security Version 4.10.2222C))

Windows 2000 (Version number: NT 5.0.2195)

2000 February 17:
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Windows 2000 Datacenter Server

2000 June 19 - Windows Me (Version number: 4.90.3000 (Security Version 4.90.3000A))

Windows XP for desktops and laptops (notebooks)

Windows XP Starter Edition, for new computer users in developing countries
Windows XP Home Edition, for home desktops and laptops
Windows XP Home Edition N, as above, but without a default installation of Windows Media Player, as mandated by an EU ruling
Windows XP Professional, for business and power users (Version number: NT 5.1.2600)
Windows XP Professional N, as above, but without a default installation of Windows Media Player, as mandated by an EU ruling
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, for PCs with x86-64 processors (based on Windows Server 2003)
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, for notebooks with a touch screen or a pen-sensitive screen
Windows XP Media Center Edition for desktops and notebooks with an emphasis on audio, video, and PVR capability. There are four versions:
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

2001 October 25 - Windows XP 64-bit Edition - A version of Windows XP roughly analogous to Windows XP Professional for Intel's IA-64 (Itanium) line of CPUs. It was discontinued in early 2005 after manufacturers stopped shipping Itanium systems marketed as 'workstations'.

Windows Server 2003 for servers
Small Business Server for first server installations (up to 2 processors)
Web Edition for basic Web serving (up to 2 processors)
Standard Edition for smaller server applications that don't require clustering (up to 4 processors)
Enterprise Edition for larger server applications, and clustering (up to 8 processors)
Datacenter Edition for mainframe like servers (up to 128 processors)
Storage Server for Network Attached Storage Devices

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, for tablet PCs

Windows Mobile 6.1 for smartphones and PDAs

Windows Home Server Announced at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Windows Home Server is intended to be a solution for homes with multiple connected PCs to offer file sharing, automated backups, and remote access.

Windows Vista, for home and business desktops and portable computers

Windows Vista Starter Much like Windows XP Starter Edition, this edition will be limited to emerging markets such as Colombia, India, Thailand, and Indonesia, mainly to offer a legal alternative to using unauthorized copies. It will not be available in the United States, Canada, Europe, or Australia.

Windows Vista Home Basic Similar to Windows XP Home Edition, Home Basic is intended for budget users not requiring advanced media support for home use. The Windows Aero theme with translucent effects will not be included with this edition.

Windows Vista Home Premium Like Windows XP Media Center Edition, this edition will support more advanced multimedia and entertainment authoring, premium games, mobile and tablet PC support, Network Projector, Windows Aero, Touch Screen, and auxiliary display (via Windows Side Show) support.

Windows Vista Business Comparable to Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows Vista Business Edition is aimed at the business market. Includes all the features of Home Premium with the exception of Windows Media Center and related technologies, Parental Controls, and Windows DVD and Movie Maker HD.

Windows Vista Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0) This edition is aimed at the enterprise segment of the market, and is a superset of the Business edition. Additional features include multilingual user interface support, BitLocker Drive Encryption, and UNIX application support. This edition will not be available through retail or OEM channels

Windows Vista Ultimate This edition combines all the features of the Home Premium and Enterprise editions, a game performance tweaker (WinSAT), and "Ultimate Extras". On January 7, 2007, at CES, Microsoft began to announce what some of these Ultimate Extras will be.

Windows Server 2008 for servers.

Windows Web Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition (Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1)
Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Edition
Windows Storage Server 2008
Windows Small Business Server 2008 (Codenamed "Cougar") for small businesses
Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (Codenamed "Centro") for medium-sized businesses
Windows Server 2008 for Itanium-based Systems
Windows HPC Server 2008 for high Performance supercomputers

Windows XP Embedded, for embedded systems requiring parts of the Windows XP infrastructure.

Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs, a low-end version of Windows XP that is intended to be a thin-client that works with older hardware.

Windows Embedded CE 6.0, for embedded systems (not based on the Windows NT kernel)

Windows Mobile 6 for smartphones and PDA

Windows Mobile 6 Standard for smartphones
Windows Mobile 6 Classic for PDA without GSM
Windows Mobile 6 for PDA with GSM

Windows CE-based (Microsoft does not explain the "CE," it is reported to have originally stood for "Consumer Electronics.")

1996 November - Windows CE 1.0
1997 November - Windows CE 2.0
1998 July - Windows CE 2.1
1998 October - Windows CE 2.11
1999 August - Windows CE 2.12
2000 July - Windows CE 3.0, with version for smart phones and PDAs sold as Pocket PC 2000
2002 Windows CE 4.0, with version for smart phones and PDAs sold as Pocket PC 2002
2003 Windows CE 4.1, with version for smart phones and PDAs sold as Pocket PC 2003
2004 Windows CE 4.2, with version for smart phones and PDAs sold as Windows Mobile 2003 SE
2005 Windows CE 5.0, with version for smart phones and PDAs sold as Windows Mobile 5.0
2006 Windows CE 6.0
2008 Windows Mobile 6.1, based on Windows CE 5.2.19202

Cancelled versions

1999 December - Windows Neptune was sent out to beta testers but was never released. Would have been a consumer version (i.e. home edition) of Windows 2000.
1996 May 3 - Windows Nashville (Windows 96) (cancelled) (Became Windows 95B.)
1991-1998 - Cairo (a "true object-oriented OS") planned after Windows NT


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Best File Sharing Sites

Whether you're trying to share megabytes worth of music with a friend or send an important document to a coworker, nothing outshines a fast, easy-to-use file-sharing service. Here Follows top five free file sharing sites. Hit the jump for a look at the top five, and then go

Popular for its simple interface and large feature set, file-sharing site provides 1GB of free space. Users love it for its collaboration tools and open format, which enables fun features like mounting you web space on your desktop and web service support, and RSS feeds. Like many others in this Hive Five, provides direct links to files so users aren't held up at a landing page to get their download.'s biggest drawback is its free account's filesize limit, which sits at a rather paltry 10MB.

Renown by users for its simplicity and impressive interface, (original post) doesn't require registration for use and specializes in document sharing, offering built-in previews of everything from images to PDFs. The innovative service has recently added a couple of new features, like free sending and receiving of faxes and voice recording. The free account has a 100MB storage limit, so unless you're ready to spend some cash, is best-suited for smaller files.


Users love unlimited storage, and MediaFire (original post) offers just that. The service is free, offers unlimited disk space, and requires no sign-up to use any of the site's features. The files you upload, however, can only be up to 100MB in size.

Windows Live SkyDrive

With an impressive 25GB of free storage space, Windows Live SkyDrive (original post) is one new product out of Redmond that's quickly found a place in users' hearts. SkyDrive works on a folder-based system, emphasizing the ability to organize your files in personal, shared, and public folders. SkyDrive requires a Windows Live account to get started, individual uploads are limited to 50MB.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Windows 7 without Internet Explorer in Europe

Microsoft has confirmed plans to ship a version of Windows 7 without Internet Explorer. Windows 7 E, as the browserless system will be called, will be made available throughout Europe starting on October 22. The decision to pull IE from Windows comes as a result of an ongoing European Commission case surrounding anti-competition laws and Microsoft's bundling of software. Microsoft is planning on shipping a version of Windows 7 to Europe that will not include Internet Explorer. This is according to a confidential memo that was sent to PC makers and obtained by CNET. It is likely that Microsoft is reacting to the European Union concerns that by bundling Internet Explorer with Windows 7 it is being anti-competitive in the browser market. Microsoft's lawyers responded by saying "Our decision to only offer IE separately from Windows 7 in Europe cannot, of course, preclude the possibility of alternative approaches emerging through Commission processes. Other alternatives have been raised in the Commission proceedings, including possible inclusion in Windows 7 of alternative browsers or a 'ballot screen' that would prompt users to choose from a specific set of Web browsers." A ballot screen may look very similar to the one that is prompted when you install IE 8 where you are given the choice for your default search provider. If Microsoft were to take this route it would be a huge win for Mozilla, Opera, Google and Apple too. Imagine if Apple was able to get its Safari browser onto this ballot list and followed it up with several of their popular "PC vs. Mac" advertisements. Apple could gain a large portion of the browser market due to its large cash reserves and clever advertisements. Microsoft has said that this announcement will only impact Windows 7 and that it will not be removing Internet Explorer from any of its previous Windows products, including the Virtual XP package for Windows 7. In addition, Microsoft is developing plans to make Internet Explorer easily available to those in the European market who choose to use it. Internet Explorer once dominated but in the recent years has faced stiff competition from Google, Mozilla and Apple and has faced declining market share each year, for at least the last five years.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Save YouTube Videos From Your Browser Cache

Currently Extracting YouTube! Videos from Your Browser Cache is Possib.

Earlier it was not possible to extract YouTube! videos from Browser Cache as the video didn’t get stored in the Temporary Windows Folder and you have to fully buffer Videos again and again for viewing them later on. This post shows How you can Extract YouTube! Videos from Browser Cache!

What is Browser Cache?

A generalized definition: Any Browser (IE, Firefox, Opera etc.) you use has a folder in which certain items that have been downloaded are stored for future access.

You can read more about Browser Cache right here

How a Video goes into Browser Cache?

Whenever you play any video hosted on any Video Sharing website like YouTube!, Metacafe etc., it undergoes Buffering Process i.e. it downloads the video from the Server of Video Sharing Website to your Computer. This buffer process will download the whole video in the Temporary Folder of your Windows Operating System. Here it is required that you allow the Browser to fully buffer (download) the whole video.

After this even you close the Window/Tab or Hit Refresh Button the video will play again and again.

How to Extract Videos from Browser Cache?

A Nifty Utility VideoCacheView, which helps to scan entire Temporary Folder for Saved Videos. The same utility can now find YouTube! Videos as well.

As soon as you run the Utility, it will display a list of all Videos that can be extracted from the Browser Cache. Right Click on any of Video file and Click Play Selected File (or press F2 after selecting the file), this is necessary as all the files in the cache have arbitrary name and have extension as .tmp


Now as soon as you are sure that this is the video you want to extract, Right Click on the Video File Again and select Copy Selected Items (CTRL+C) and Paste it to any other location of your Computer Hard Drive.

You can also select multiple videos present in the cache and copy paste them all at once following the above method. But make sure that you MUST close all Browsers before running this utility.

How to Clear Browser Cache?

You can clear your Browser Cache more efficiently using CCleaner

So Enjoy YouTube! Videos without Downloading them!

Original Content from Here

Also see :

Convert YouTube! Videos to MPG/MOV/MP4/DVD/3GP/MP3/WAV/FLV Online!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Google Hungry for Twitter?

If the sources at Techcrunch are to be believed then Google is definitely in race to buy out Twitter.

The negotiations are said to be in advanced stage and the price being quoted is in upwards of $250milion.

Even though this price is less than the earlier offer of $500miilion in shares by Facebook the cash component could see google winning the game.

Why this deal looks imminent?

  • The founders of Twitter-Van Williams and Biz Stone, earlier sold their blogger platform to google so their past association could come into play.
  • Despite rapid growth in its subscribers twitter fails to find perfect monetization strategy for their microblog platform. Google ads could solve that!
  • The future might even be bleak with rapid increase in spamming on twitter. One should not forget that rapid increase in spamming could even mar the service and its current features are inadequate to stop it.
  • The only asset which twitter has unlike other social networks collection of videos and pics is the status updates by its users which could be valuable to a company like google but not to them.

The acquisition if it succeeds would even provide a boost to the service as it would be coming under Google’s umbrella and could attend mainstream use by integration with other google services.

This could even give a boost to Google’s social networking play and integration of previously discontinued jaiku which it made open source and twitter could help google to revive its fortune in microblog scenario.

Although many players may enter the fray taking it as the next big opportunity to attend the size of facebook google’s part will be important as they already have a plan and resources in place.

There are plenty of good reasons for Google to acquire Twitter. The top reason is Google's ability to place AdSense ads in your Twitter stream but there is an even bigger reason why Google should, nay must, acquire Twitter.

Twitter is becoming an important communications channel intrinsic to the web. Aside from the being able to pick up the company for a fraction of the $15 billion Google has in cash, Twitter is a key component of the search engines ambitious goal: to organize the worlds information.

Dont believe Googles slight-of-hand talk about the timing not being right. The timing is perfect! While other companies pull back on spending causing Twitters valuation to drop due to lack of interest Google can fly in under the radar and pick up perhaps the most important internet start-up since Facebook.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Top Science & Technology Websites

Here Follows Links to SOME of the best science & technology websites around the world.

Science & Technology

Scirus - GO - speciality search engine for scientific literature.

Science & Technology News Network - GO - fascinating science news & in-depth articles on general science, the environment, genetics, space, health & technology.

UNESCO/ICSU Conference on Science - GO - official World Conference on Science Web site.

Astrobiology at NASA - GO - searching for the origins, distribution & future of life in the universe.

EurekaAlert - GO - recent postings by research institutions & scientific organizations.

Science Magazine - GO - highly respected scientific journal.

Science Daily - GO - breaking news & the latest in scientific research.

Nature - GO - international weekly journal of science, includes science update.

How Things Work - GO - useful science site built around intriguing questions.

Popular Science - GO - fuel for the curious mind.

Scientific American - GO - science news, resources & reviews.

New Scientist - GO - good quality science news, articles & reports.

NICEM - GO - national information center for educational & training media - films, audio, DVD, kits & more.

Closer To Truth - GO - wonderful minds deliberating the deeper issues of life & our times.

Beyond 2000 - GO - window on the future.

Great Thinkers & Visionaries - GO - big bunch of troublemakers.

K2K - GO - explore the amazing world of "mysterious mutli-flavored neutrinos" at the Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment.

The Neurosciences Institute - GO - shedding light on the most complex "self organizing" system in the known universe - your brain.

PhysicsWeb - GO - latest physics news & information.

Technology Review - GO - MIT's magazine of innovation.

Mad Scientist Network - GO - get your questions answered by the collective cranium of a bunch of mad scientists, run some crazy experiments or browse the collection of oddities.

The Why Files - GO - learn the science behind the news.

AAAS - GO - American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Discovery Online - GO - rich site full of news & articles about human behavior, history, planet earth, space, tech issues & much more.

Smithsonian Magazine - GO - read the magazine, explore art, science & history - vsee the image gallery & visit the kid's castle.

Discover Magazine - GO - science news, web picks, feature stories & NeuroQuest mini lessons on how the mind & brain work.

The Invention Dimension - GO - MIT's invention resources include The Inventor's Handbook, video library, Inventor of the Week, awards program & a tons of toys for gadget fanatics.

The Science Museum - GO - rich entertaining & educational exhibits from the London Science Museum.

Significant Event Imagery - GO - stunning satellite images of the world's big events.

Exploratorium - GO - museum of science, art & human perception.

Scanning Electron Microscope - GO - take a unique microscopic look at the world or browse the archive of magnificent magnifications.

Explore Science - GO - great demonstration of the usefulness of interactivity in science education.

Try Science- GO - fun science experiments for kids, in six languages.

Public Library of Science - GO - promoting free access to the world's scientific & medical literature.


NASA - GO - simply breathtaking accomplishments from this group - they can (& do) take your browser where "no browser has gone before" - & they do it nearly every day. The real time active tracking & video links with current spaceflights should not be missed.

Chandra X-Ray Observatory - GO - gateway to the hot universe of black holes, exploding stars & Galaxy clusters - untangling some of the deepest mysteries in the universe. Great education resources & quality galleries.

Hubble Space Telescope - GO - beautiful images of our universe being born, multimedia, interactive fun & games, Hubble facts & figures.

Imagine the Universe - GO - get the lowdown about our universe in a clear & concise format. Ask your burning cosmic questions, or just sit back & view the great videos of the heavens. - GO - reflect on heavenly news, play games, watch videos, track missions & launches, join a community search for extraterrestrial lifeforms.

Solar System Simulator - GO - view the universe from any point of view with this spyglass on the cosmos.

Windows to the Universe - GO - fun & different site about earth & space presented at three levels catering for beginning space cadet, intermediate solar system captain & advanced deep space commander types.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - GO - simple site with daily "pin up photos" for astronomers - with picture bios & links for further research. Archives of specific subjects such as black holes & spiral galaxies.

Ask Dr Universe - GO - the world's most curious cat answers kid's questions about the universe. Dr. Universe answers some of life's most confounding questions.

Bad Astronomy - GO - correcting science myths & solving some puzzling science questions.

The Nine Planets - GO - multimedia tour of the solar system.

Solar System Live - GO - view the universe from any time point or position with this interactive tool - also an earth & moon viewer.

Home Planet Tracking Software - GO - astronomy & satellite tracking package.

EarthRise - GO - large database of photos of the earth from the past 15 years.

Non-Messier Objects Database - GO - images of deep space objects.

Planet Earth

eNature - GO - bringing nature to life.

The Living Edens - GO - derived from the PBS series of the same name, this site transports you to the pristine undisturbed corners of the world - full of geographical information & wildlife profiles.

Environment News Network - GO - global environment issues, legislative & judicial decisions, demonstrations, conferences. Also tips on becoming an Earth-Smart consumer & making businesses more sustainable.

Ocean Planet - GO - An underwater tour of the Pacific Ocean - based on real data - created by NASA scientists for the Ocean Planet Exhibit.

Sea & Sky - GO - nicely presented resources taking a deep look at the oceans & skies - information provided in different levels to best match audience needs.

Exploring the Environment- GO - Earth Science modules that use satellite imagery & solution-based learning methodology as tools for students to investigate environmental problems.

Transcendent Nature - GO - exquisite photography & nature imagery.

EcoWorld - GO - global environmental community.

Wildlife Photography - GO - nature & landscape photography. Learn about our natural world through the inner vision of nature photographer Gary D.Tonhouse.

Encylopedia of the Atmospheric Environment
- GO - good source of information on a range of atmospheric issues, including weather, climate, pollution, acid rain, global warming & ozone depletion.

Co2 Science Magazine - GO - center for the study of carbon dioxide & global change.

Fractal Art

Mandelbrot Set Explorer - GO - create your own fractal art.

Fractal Movie Archive - GO - big fractal collection.

Basin Pictures - GO - more art of chaos.

Freeware Fractal Generator - GO - from the Stone Soup team.


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